Nuno Gonçalves

Equipment Director

With a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering since 2000, his connection to the railway business started even before he completed his degree. The subject of his master’s thesis was “Purchasing and Commissioning a Tamping Machine”. In 2000, he joined SOMAFEL’s Equipment Department, with the main duty of commissioning new equipment purchased by the company. In 2002, he became responsible for the planning and logistic control of the company’s heavy tamping units. In this role, besides having to ensure the availability of equipment for the projects underway, he also coordinated the mechanical interventions related to the modifications required for the commissioning of equipment operating in foreign countries – gauge, tropicalization, etc. In the company’s internalization process, he coordinated all the logistic operations to transport the equipment. In 2016, with the increasing amount of equipment used in Latin America, he was relocated to Brazil with the responsibility of organizing and training the local engineers and mechanical technicians to ensure the operation and maintenance of SOMAFEL’s equipment and also of the equipment provided by local Clients. Nowadays he is the Equipment Director of SOMAFEL.