SOMAFEL’s Workshops are located in Carregal do Sal, in the district of Viseu, on an area of 9 hectares, with a total covered area of 11,740 m2.

They also have a few interior lines that allow railway equipment to move by their own means, as well as a connection to the Beira Alta Line, one of the main axes of the Portuguese railway network.

Excellent Services

Equipped with highly specialized equipment and infrastructure, SOMAFEL’s Workshops ensure the maintenance, general overhauls, replacement of parts required for the normal operation of the equipment it possesses, always in compliance with the technical specifications of the markets where it operates.

Another important component of the services provided by SOMAFEL’s Workshops is the adaptation of railway equipment to operate in several markets with different requirements.

The adaptation of the chassis and working parts of the various pieces of equipment to the different gauges in which SOMAFEL operates, as well as the adaptation to climates with extreme thermal gradients using its own resources and technology, is an added value in SOMAFEL’s ability to meet its Clients’ needs.