SOMAFEL consolidates its relationship with VALE, S.A. through two new construction contracts in the State of Pará, Brazil

On 19 and 27 May, SOMAFEL Ltda (Brazil) and VALE, SA, signed two contracts.

The first contract refers to the “Empreitada Total para a Execução dos Serviços de Drenagem e Repotenciamento das Vias de Rolamento do Pátio B Localizado no Complexo Minerador de Carajás” (Full Contract Job for the Revamping of the Carajás Product Yard B Tracks located in the Carajás Mining Complex), which will be carried out at the Carajás Mine, in the State of Pará, Brazil.

The contract job, which will have a duration of 240 days from the Service Order signed on May 25, 2020, consists of the demolition and removal of the existing track and execution of a new 650 m-long track, as well as drainage and levelling of Yard B, in an total construction area of 18,000 m2.

With the signing of this new contract, SOMAFEL continues to operate at the Carajás Mine, one of VALE’s main iron mines, after successfully completing, last February, similar works in the Yard A of this mining complex.

Carajás Mine

The second one refers to the contract for “Empreitada Total para Execução das Obras de Recuperação de Plataforma Ferroviária da Linha 2, no Encontro E01 da Ponte Sobre o Rio Vermelho no Km 763 da EFC, e dos Serviços no Km 789 nos Encontros da Ponte Ferroviária Rio das Onças” (Total Contract Job for the Recovery of the Railway Platform on Line 2, near River Vermelho Bridge at Km 763 of the EFC, and the Services at Km 789 near River Onças Bridge), which will be held in the Municipality of Marabá, also in the State of Pará.

In this Contract, which will have a duration of 42 days from the Service Order signed on June 1, 2020, work will be carried out to reinforce the platform railway at Km 763 and 789 of the EFC.

Rail Platform Line 2

The signing of these two contracts, in the midst of COVID-19’s pandemic crisis, not only consolidates SOMAFEL’s position with VALE as one of its leading suppliers in the railway sector, but also demonstrates the trust that VALE has recognized in SOMAFEL, over the past five years of continuous and sustained partnership.