SOMAFEL installs Solar Photovoltaic System in Carregal do Sal

In order to reduce energy consumption in the Workshops of the Carregal do Sal Operations Centre and, consequently, reduce the consumption of natural resources and CO₂ emissions, SOMAFEL has installed a Solar Photovoltaic System for self-consumption.

AThe implemented solution, consisting of a photovoltaic plant and 120 solar modules with an individual power of 270 Wp, has an area of 200 m² and an installed power of 32 Kw. The photovoltaic panels were placed on the ground with a 35º tilt and a south-facing azimuth.

The investment made, associated with the savings achieved, is expected to yield a return in approximately 5 years’ time, with all the environmental gain resulting from the use of clean technologies, to generate electricity to be used at SOMAFEL’s facility.