Somafel – New Official Website

SOMAFEL’s new official website went live on 11 June.

A company’s reach increases substantially through online disclosure when compared to any other type of so-called traditional publishing.

A website can be viewed and navigated by anyone, anywhere in the world. On the other hand, with the various types of devices that provide access to the Internet today, it is essential that websites are prepared to be navigated via computer, but also via mobile phone, either through tablets or smartphones.

With this framing in mind, and taking into account the process launched in early 2019 that focused on modernising Somafel’s image with the implementation of a new brand, it was now time for the company’s website to be fully revamped.

With a new address – – and using benchmarking sites of several multinational construction companies, SOMAFEL’s website aims to convey an image of modernity, looking to the future, never forgetting the company’s history. It is intended to showcase the services that the company provides, the projects completed and underway, as well as its resources.

Available in three languages and with a Brazilian Portuguese version, it incorporates a portfolio of the most significant projects that the company has carried out over its more than 60 years of existence in the various geographies where it has operated and continues to operate. It also provides plenty of information about the company’s equipment that allows it to provide excellent services to its clients, as well as the biographies of its management team. The page on sustainability highlights the best practices in place in the company in areas such as environment, safety, compliance and quality assurance. There is also a specific sector for the dissemination of the latest news regarding the company and its activities.

Finally, the mandatory connection to social networks is integrated into the website and, currently, SOMAFEL´s preferred social network is LinkedIn.