SOMAFEL starts works on the Transgabonais railway line

The works under the contract signed with SETRAG started on the 1st of July and extend to Franceville – Libreville. The first section to be operated is located between the stations of Mouyabi (pk 410) and Ivindo (373).

After having arrived at the Port of Owendo by the end of May, the equipment was unloaded and placed on the tracks of the Transgabonais line.

A team of SOMAFEL technicians, together with the crew members, also members of the company’s permanent staff, fine-tuned and made the final adjustments to the equipment in order to ensure a smooth commissioning process.

After transporting the equipment from Owendo to Booué, the heavy mechanical tamping works have started at a good pace.

The maximum operating speed allowed is 30 km/h. After tamping, the permissible operating speed will increase immediately to 60 km/h for freight trains and to 80 km/h for passenger trains following SOMAFEL’s works.