VALE, SA hires SOMAFEL for new intervention on the Carajás Railroad

On the 21st of January, SOMAFEL Ltda (Brazil) and VALE, SA, celebrated the award of the project: “Total Contract for the Execution of Railway Superstructure Services at Km’s 389+930, 396+900 and 431+012, located in Maranhão”. This project, which will be carried out on the Carajás Railway, has an execution period of 210 days from the service order signed at 22/01/2021. The works consist of the replacement of 3 universal dashes (Tu’s) each consisting of 4 Switching Devices and their respective intermediate lines, as well as the readjustment of the signaling systems.

This project reinforces and consolidates once again, the trust VALE places on SOMAFEL, this being the tenth intervention we will conduct on the Carajás Railway.The Carajás Railway is one of the greatest transport capacity lines in the world, where daily 22 to 24 trains with 3,5 km in length transport iron ore, in addition to compositions with other cargo and passenger transport.