Expansion of the Carajás Railroad

Project Details

Start Date 2016
End Date
ClientVale, S.A. 
LocationMarabá e Santa Inês 
Project Status Underway

Project Objectives 

1. Construction/ Refurbishment of 150 km of Track.


Estrada de Ferro de Carajás (EFC) (Carajás Railroad) is a railroad operated by the mining company Vale S.A. This line is characterized by intensive transport of ore extracted from the mines of Serra dos Carajás and taken to the Port of Itaqui, in São Luís do Maranhão. Every year, 175 million tonnes of cargo and 350 thousand passengers are transported along the EFC.

The project included the doubling of 578 km of new track and the refurbishment of 225 km of existing track. The project aimed to increase the transport capacity of the EFC to 230 million tonnes/ year.

The project was divided into basic sections involving similar works. SOMAFEL was responsible for the construction of 150 km of track.