Modernization of the Leste Line – Elvas/Fronteira Section

Project Details

Start Date 2018
ClientInfraestruturas de Portugal, S.A.


A project integrated in the South International Corridor Renovation Plan. It aimed to strengthen the rail connection between the major Coastal Ports, Industrial and Urban areas in the south of Portugal, to Spain and the rest of Europe.

SOMAFEL intervened in the complete renovation of the track superstructure, over a length of 9km, in plain track. The works developed included the removal of the existing track, the settlement of new track composed of rail 60E1 and single block concrete sleepers, ballast regulation, track levelling, aligning and tamping, dynamic track stabilising, aluminothermic welding, and preventive rail grinding.

SOMAFEL also conducted the amplification of the Elvas railway station, in a total of 6 km, allowing for the technical crossing of 750 meters long trains.