Railway Maintenance – Lot 5

Project Details

Start Date 2012
End Date 2019
ClientRede Ferroviária Nacional – REFER, EPE 
LocationCentral Portugal
Project Status Finished


The provision of railway maintenance services has an important history in SOMAFEL’s portfolio. Within this context, the maintenance contract of the Track and Overhead Line specialties – Lot 5, is a continuation of previous contracts.

The maintenance system implemented on site covers 3 types of maintenance: Preventive, Condition-based and Corrective.

Systematic Preventive Maintenance: Performance of a set of maintenance tasks established for each line under the contract, namely: the North Line, the Beira Alta Line, the West Line, the Alfarelos Branch Line, the Louriçal Branch Line and the Verride Junction, along 550 km.

Condition-based and Corrective Maintenance: On the lines covered by the Systematic Preventive Maintenance, plus the following lines: the Beira Baixa Line, the Tomar Branch Line, the East Line, the Fundão and Entroncamento Rail Freight Terminal, along a total of 950 km.